Why I don’t think I am vulnerable for sharing my life on social media

I feel like I need to say “nooooo” to people when they call me vulnerable or brave for sharing on social media!
I totally don’t see it that way…. TO ME, vulnerability is sharing gut-wrenching emotion
in front of another REAL human. Human to human.
Not human to a device. Human to human vulnerability is REALLLY hard for me sometimes.
Vulnerability is different for everyone! So, its not hard sharing my life on social media, not at all.
I feel like I freely share on here because I don’t care what people think of me, my life, or my marriage etc. because I KNOW the truth of those things. I am solid in the truth of who I am and how I live my life
that I put It all out there knowing I’ll receive criticism and judgement,
but more so hoping for love and support hahaha.
I think I’m different in that way, so that’s why I share…. because its easy for me to share so freely, I should use it!!
Also, anything I share is after I’ve come through it. I’ve dealt with it already so that I’m not fragile
with peoples opinions or judgements.
To share while going through deep shit, is definitely a different ballgame!!


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