Hello! I'm Lea

Alter Ego: Vienna Glenn

Years as a Photographer: 7 (with zero itch)

Most watched movie: "About Time"
(Dude.... Rachel Mcadams.)

Favorite late-night snack: my guilt-free oatmeal cookies!

College degree: Psych/Relationship Counseling

How would you describe yourself: weird, deep-thinker, grateful, curious, non-conforming, persistent, a cat lover

Guilty Pleasure: PEOPLE.COM

Pet Peeve: Wasting energy (leaving the water running etc.)

I strive: to create images that look like LIFE because life is organically beautiful! That is why my images will never have a crazy filter that will look hilarious in 5 years! 

Weddings should be: An honest reflection of yourself. If you never wear pearls, why wear them on your wedding day??!?!

If you just read this entire thing, it probably means you should hire me haha!