Baby Teddy is on his way!

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that.” Why? We’re not sorry, nor are we scared, concerned, or anxious about our little blessing diagnosed with down syndrome! We are new parents, with no expectation but loving and adoring our first born child. He is a miracle, our miracle,  and we couldn’t be more eager to welcome him into our family and home. The reality is, when a family is presented with this diagnosis, it’s delivered to you as Option A… to end your pregnancy or Option B… to continue on in fear. That’s what I’m sorry for —that the rest of the world isn’t considering what an amazing opportunity it is to raise someone EXTRA special, who will paint our lives with nothing but color, excitement and LOVE. We know it’s not ordinary or customary to show excitement for what most people would consider a life colored outside the lines, but that’s exactly who we are and what we want to be remembered for. So… please, don’t be sorry. Know that in the deepest depths of our hearts we couldn’t feel more honored to be chosen by our sweet Teddy, and we vow to ourselves and one another to give him the most magical life he could have ever dreamed!” – Nate and Kate

Then we went to Teddy’s baby shower!!!!